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A kind of an amusement park that have features like splash pads, water slides, lazy rivers and water playgrounds is dubbed as a Water Park. In other words, it is just a recreational barefooting, swimming and bathing environments. In the development of many current states, water parks are now equipped with body-boarding environment or artificial surfing such as the FlowRider and Wave Pool.

Water Park and its evolution

The first introduction of Water Park was in early 1950s and they have grown a fast popularity. United States has the most concentrated and largest market of water parks. They have over 1000 water parks and several dozens of water parks are opening every year. The International Association of Amusement Parks or IAAPA and World Water Park Association or WWA are the major organization which is their industry’s trade association.

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Some water parks emerged from spas are transforming into mountain resorts and those are popular for year-round destinations. As for example, the Splash Universe Water Park Resort has a theme that matched their community location. The theme of the water park becomes more attractive and so it enhances the community’s destination appeal. Therefore the leisure-time industry and the amusement park is becoming further concentrated as the winter sports are the most common nowadays in water recreation of summertime.

The concentration processes can be noticed in hybrid version of water parks’ theme and amusement. Some of them are more oriented on spas like the SchwabenQuellen, a European Water Park, which has no water slides. Instead, the water park includes, steam rooms, saunas, water play areas (which are relaxation oriented) and adventure showers.

One unusual feature of water park is the ice skating. In northwestern Indiana, the Deep River Water Parks when solidifies features an ice skating. This is made possible by using cooling pipes that is installed below their huge plaza during their expansion.